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Yearly decoration

JaaraankledingNice & Bright always makes sure that your shop window looks perfectly fine by displaying the newest collections and products. We make every effort to eliminate potential issues with our proactive service throughout the year. Our window dressers come by to dress the dummies with clothes selected by you and add nice decorative items if necessary.

We’re also experts in visual merchandising, i.e. putting your products in particular places in order to spur the customer to purchase.

The number of new shop windows in a year is negotiable.


Our designs are made to measure, that’s why a detailed briefing is very important. After the first meeting we make you an offer.

Our professional team works permanently in the entire country for customers in different areas such as clothes shops, shoe-shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, specialist shops, pharmacies etc.

"We use Nice & Bright's creativity to roll out a yearly decoration program for our shop window."

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