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Total makeover

Totale Make OverNice & Bright can arrange for your shop window to go through a total makeover: a complete refresher, matching decoration items or furniture, in short, a shop window that draws the attention of the passer-by. In contrast with the yearly decoration, this design is to last for a longer period of time and completely adjusted to your wishes!

A renewal like this will be noticed by your customers as well as in the receipts at the end of the day. Change the look of your shop window in time to make sure that it won’t become boring. Renewal draws attention to your business. Something to keep in mind, isn’t it?

Your shop window is the showpiece of your business. Let us help you to keep it perfectly fine with an astonishing result. Sometimes it’s enough to make some small adjustments instead of doing radical structural changes to create a complete new window, without spending a lot of money.
We discuss everything first before planning and designing. Contact us even today to make an appointment to go through all the different options for your store.

"We use Nice & Bright's creativity to roll out a yearly decoration program for our shop window."

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