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Winter landscape

WinterlandschapDo you want to create a nice Christmas atmosphere in your store or business and doesn’t one lonely Christmas tree do it for you?

In that case we can provide a true winter scene by decorating the whole area using artificial animals and snow covered Christmas trees, finishing with little woodblocks, fire baskets, birch branches and gunny sacks.

All the options are negotiable as are the dimensions and the installation of the scene, with or without the integration of your products.


A winter landscape consists of several elements:

  • Nice & Bright trees, with or without LED lights;
  • birch branches of 220 cm;
  • snow covered Christmas trees with a height of 150 up to 220 cm. This variation in height gives a nice effect. If necessary, the trees can be provided with LED lights to create a beautiful effect and visibility at night;
  • artificial animals can be used to add an extra touch, e.g. reindeer, huskies and/or deer;
  • little woodblocks, fire baskets, oak leafs, twigs, gunny sacks etc. are used as finishing touch.

By putting all this on a snow carpet, it will breathe a beautiful winter atmosphere.

"As a franchiser of a few Quick branches in Antwerp, every year I'm looking for renewing decoration that strikes the customers."

Mr Korfmaker   

"Every year we enjoy wonderful decorated Christmas trees in our office."

Mrs Bosch