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Christmas lights

GevelverlichtingChristmas decoration isn’t complete without lights. Next to our Christmas trees with lights included, we also provide you with a whole range of other LED Christmas lights. When you contact Nice & Bright for your Christmas lights and decorating services, you can be sure that your lighting decorations are installed by professionals in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

We can also light the façade or garden of your premises! The possibilities are endless: computer-controlled lighting with pre-programmed animation on the façade, adjustable colours according to your desires, the possibility to change the lighting program from a distance with your smartphone, … Contact us for more information.



Christmas lights on your facade is becoming quite popular nationally as well as internationally. The use of LED lights creates a wide range of possibilities because of all the different colours and forms. You can be sure of a beautiful and a well-cared-for Nice & Bright finishing.

Nice & Bright keeps up with the times for that matter. We are permanently looking for new eye catchers. Our newest one is the creation of real lightshows: traffic will slow down, passengers will stop walking and the decoration of your business or store will be talked about.

LED lights consume less electricity, on top with our computer controlled animations we could switch off the show at a pre-agreed time.  Due to this, we reduce your energy bill to an absolute minimum.  

The fact that computer controlling can do more than just save electricity is proven in the video below. 

If you’re interested, please contact us in time. Shows like this need quite some preparation.

Besides our fully decorated Christmas trees with lights, we also provide you with other atmospheric LED light. If you wish, we take care of the installation, so that you only have to provide electricity. We rent on a basis of short and long term.  All lights are LED, being less consuming, fire-resistant and linkable to each other without any planning in advance to create funny decorative items.

By enlarging your logo in LED lighting, we can use it on your facade: a nice eye catcher in full colour!

In order to put these logos in the picture, we can edit them with computer-controlled LED lights and program beautiful animations.

"Since a couple of years now we've worked together with Nice & Bright for the furnishing of our supermarket."

Mr Hofmans   

"After a visit of Nice & Bright they provided us with a detailed price quote. Not much later, when they rolled out all the decoration, our shop enjoyed a magical Christmas."

Mr Schoofs